• There are so many good things to write about Dickinson Cabinetry. Their work is absolutely beautiful and the cabinets they made are a work of incredible craftsmanship. They worked closely with us to achieve the exact color of stain we wanted for our red oak cabinets and had excellent suggestions for how to make kitchen more functional, as well as more beautiful. Our kitchen is definitely now a work of art!

    I would highly recommend Dickinson Cabinetry to anyone who would like to have beautiful cabinets built by an outstanding organization that truly cares about the quality of their work. Thank you Mike and Shelly and the fabulous craftsmen for making our dream for the kitchen come true.

    Terry V. - Union City, CA
  • We got our custom kitchen cabinets from them. The typical 8-12 weeks wait time was definitely worth it. If looking for custom well made cabinets, I would strongly recommend them. Mike and hientire staff are very professional and take pride in their work.

    Vijay S. - Weibel, Fremont, CA
  • We needed a small vanity for our smallest bathroom, but the prefab cabinets were so tiny that they didn't maximize use of the limited space in our bathroom. So we contacted Dickinson Cabinetry for a custom cabinet. Truly customized. We got to choose the exact size, type of wood, stain, number of drawers, you name it. Mike was even willing to speak with our contractor to make sure the plumbing would all fit correctly too! We had this cabinet installed 2 years ago. It still looks beautiful!

    Andi M. - San Jose, CA
  • Having a team who is great at what they do and know how to truely work collaboratively are key to successfully executing projects and achieving next level results. Mike and his team were true project partners. They listened to our ideas, provided alternate suggestions, were transparent about pros and cons and pulled last minute saves. Thanks for all the help and looking forward to more projects with Dickinson Cabinetry in the future.

    Nap T. - San Jose, CA
  • We hired Dickinson Cabinetry for our recent remodel. We came to know about them through our contractor JTK Builders. Our contractor assured Dickinson's quality and timing. Moreover, they have very good reviews on yelp and houzz as well. First, we started with kitchen cabinets but we added entertainment center cabinets, bath cabinets and laundry cabinets as well. The result is every single person visited our house compliment our cabinets.

    Mike the owner of Dickinson Cabinetry is a very warm, friendly and patient person who helps us achieve the dream cabinets that we aim. Mike's team Rob who takes care of staining and other cabinet related drawings is very professional and accurate in his job. Shelly who manages quotes, email communication is sweet, excellent and prompt. Dickinson Cabinetry maintain superior quality as well as great customer service. They reach their dead line prompt and they are willing to correct any issues we find. We didn't have an issue other than a broken cabinet door as some worker broke it accidentally. Dickinson cabinetry fixed it and sent the new one just in time before our house warming. They have a vast selection and choices of stains and colors moreover they can match any color. I have painted white cabinets and a beautiful grayish blue island stained by them. It's strange to find them to be very honest being in a business as they don't push us or try to sell more. They are very genuine people. We are very happy that we went with Dickinson Cabinetry and we highly recommend them.

    Vasu T. - Milpitas, CA
  • I ordered a custom bookshelf at Dickinson Cabinetry last year.

    I loved how quickly they always responded me, and top of anything, the quality of the bookshelf they made! I ordered a bookshelf which fits the entire wall of my study and now every single guest who visits my house is wowed by its outcome.

    The owner, Michael was the first one who replied to my inquiry which I sent to five different companies through Yelp while some didn't reply after a week. When I visited his shop and factory, the carpenters were working very responsibly and all the products seemed beautiful and cared to their details.

    I also loved the receptionist, Shelly. She was always very precise and kind. Any questions were answered right away!

    After the whole bookshelf was installed, I wanted to add some more holes to adjust the height of each shelf. They sent a worker right away and the job was done as quickly as possible. No additional payment. No question asked.

    And for those who are doing remodeling the whole house, you will be surprise to find out that some companies aren't always responsible to what they once said. Delayed finish dates, additional costs, and no show up on the appointment dates. You don't need to worry about those things with Dickinson Cabinetry. You can have a good night sleep.

    Connie Y. - Cupertino, CA
  • We recently had our kitchen cabinets fabricated by Dickinson Cabinetry and had them installed in our home in Fremont. CA. Right from my first communications with Mike and Shelly from discussing our needs to the final details by their shop manager Joe, we are extremely grateful for their customer-oriented service in delivering high quality cabinets. Our contractor, the installer and even the building inspectors who came by admired these bespoke cabinets and how well they were made. We did go through a hiccup when we opted for an additional cabinet, but they unhesitatingly accommodated us. There is always room to strive for higher accomplishments and stand out amongst their competition. Two such ways if we were to suggest are: 1. provide installation services and 2. include a step stool for access to over-the-counter cabinets. Thanks Mike, Shelly and Joe, for your service and the pride you take in your cabinets, these will be cherished and proudly exhibited by us to our guests for years to come.

  • Mike Dickinson and his team were fantastic and I am extremely happy with choosing them to replace all my kitchen cabinets. Their design team relaid out our cabinet arrangement giving me my heavy duty roll out drawers that I wanted for cookware plus swing out and rotating inserts in hard to use corner cabinets. They also helped me pick out the door design, wood choice, and stain colors and were extremely patient with us going through different options and styles and explaining the pros and cons of the different woods. Their craftsmanship is top notch. They use excellent quality materials and take great care in providing a quality product. We had one issue where one door didn't come out quite right, and the team made sure to take care of that promptly. I plan to use them again on future projects!

  • We remodeled essentially the entire front half of our house starting in late October of 2020, and Dickinson Cabinetry did all our kitchen cabinets, our island, pantry, and our fireplace mantel. Mike and Shelly and team were awesome and easy to work with, we had no issues with timing or any of the logistics, and the quality of work was outstanding. Our interior designer had had a bad experience with conversion varnish with a different cabinet maker in the past and she was nervous about using this, but as our general contractor said, "Mike's cabinets (and the paint on them) can withstand a bomb blast." ;) It's been about 9 months since the kitchen cabinets went in, and we haven't set off any bombs yet, but we certainly have made very good use of our kitchen, and everything is holding up great so far! The paint we chose for the kitchen cabinets was a very particular grey/blue color that Mike's team had to match, and they matched it perfectly - as a matter of fact, the most common compliment we get on our new kitchen is the color and look of the cabinetry. Our fireplace mantel was delivered in March and we installed it in April and that looks amazing as well. Would highly recommend Dickinson Cabinetry!

  • We remodeled our kitchen in winter and spring, and we order custom flush inset cabinets from Mike at Dickinson. We couldn't be happier. They are solid, beautiful made, and perfectly aligned. We get a lot of compliments. Dickinson delivered them right on time. We felt the price was more than reasonable given the quality of the work. Dickinson also made overlay cabinets for our laundry room and a bathroom. Highly recommended.

  • We had Mike and his team make the cabinets for our kitchen remodel. It was a a difficult job as we kept a third of our existing cabinets and had Mike build a new kitchen island and other new cabinets which he had to match to the existing style. Mike's experience shows and he was able to draw up the new cabinet specifications with precision making some great recommendations. The finishes are perfect. We had one slight issue with a cabinet door and he fixed it immediately. Great customer service. We are delighted with the high quality result and would definitely use Mike and his team again.

  • I can't recommend Dickinson Cabinetry highly enough! Not just are their cabinets impeccably built - sturdy, precise, and full of all the available options/amenities you might ever want, their customer service is top notch. From the beginning of working on the design with Mike, it is clear that he knows everything about custom cabinets and you can't make a suggestion he hasn't heard of previously (and he can tell you why or why not you would want to go in that particular direction or not.) After the cabinets were installed, they are not finished though! They come by to do final touches and make sure that everything is installed perfectly - in my case coming 4 more times to fix small installation related issues - and they didn't even do the actual installation! It is so rare these days to see someone take so much responsibility and care to make sure that their products and service are so accountable and upstanding. A++++.